The blockade is not a barrier to development in Nakhchivan

(the first part)


Nakhchivan is the only example in the humankind history of creating a renaissance in the conditions of a blockade under the leadership of Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov. Of course, the road leading to renaissance first lies through economic development. The economy must develop to provide for the development of culture, education, health care and other spheres. In this sense, the Nakhchivan model of economic development is one of the aspects of Nakhchivan's renaissance history that must be studied in depth and analysed. The main achievement of this model is attaining development in the conditions of a blockade, in the absence of a direct link with the main territory of the country, as well as the sustainable nature of development and the way of its rapid evolution.

In the conditions where economic and transport links are restricted it is a peculiar trait of the Nakhchivan development model to achieve high economy activity, tap into the production potential, consistently build, resolve social problems and, most important, improve the living conditions of the population. All of this allows us to call the post-1995 period of our history the "renaissance period of the autonomy". Despite the difficulties of the blockade, a major construction programme was implemented in Nakhchivan in 1995-2018, important achievements were made in all spheres. The large-scale construction efforts and comprehensive development of the region are realities that are similar to a miracle. In the five thousand years of cultural history of Nakhchivan there is hardly a period as magnificently valorous as the past 23 years. How did it achieve this progress?

"What matters most is the love for the motherland. The economic opportunities may be big or not so big. However, if there is a love for the motherland, much can be accomplished even with restricted economic opportunities." These words of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev explain the reasons for the renaissance that emerged in the blockade conditions. Back in 1996 at one of the meetings Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: "They have found a good excuse and link every shortcoming or their own inactivity with the blockade." He thus openly announced that the blockade is not a barrier to development. Nakhchivan is an unprecedented example of finding renaissance through development as a result of good administration, love for the motherland and taking ownership of the native land.

In the modern Nakhchivan, built on the love for the motherland, it is only the visible side of implemented measures that large-scale construction efforts are under way, roads and bridges are built, production facilities are created, schools, hospitals, sports complexes, village and service centres are constructed, the residential houses are rebuilt, the provision with electricity, gas and water is improved. Measures so great that we cannot comprehend their purpose today are carried out in the name of the bright future of Nakhchivan.

Today in the autonomous republic the demand for the majority of food and non-food products is met through domestic supply and the export potential of Nakhchivan is increasing by the day. The objective set forth is to met the demand in all products through local production and completely eradicate the dependence on import products. Probably one of the main achievements scored in the republic on this front is the full provision of the energy and food security of the region. Nakhchivan used to import energy, but now it exports electricity. The autonomous republic has been 100 per cent provided with gas. President Ilham Aliyev highly regarded the work done on this front and said: "Today Nakhchivan not only completely provides itself with energy, but even exports it. Most importantly, Nakhchivan meets its domestic demand 100 per cent through renewable energy sources. This is a scene which I can say is a rare sight indeed in the world".

In order to improve the living standards of rural residents in parallel to the work done to develop agriculture the living conditions of the people were brought in line with modern standards. The construction of new school buildings, village and service centres, of roads that are up to modern standards eliminated the difference between the city and village, and brought the urban comfort to villages.

The development of any region is primarily up to the local educated people. If there are educated people and specialists, then all areas can be developed. Hence, developing the education became one of the main goals in Nakhchivan.There are no differences between school buildings in the most remote mountain villages of the autonomous republic and those built in the town of Nakhchivan.

The love for motherland, attachment to the native land, determination and will, as well as the great creative energy of the head of the autonomous republic is an example for everybody. Basking in the light of this example a great army of patriots, creative and constructive young people are growing up. These young people intend to not only bring even greater progress to Nakhchivan, but to even restore the historical territories that were violently taken from it.

                                                                                      to be continued

                                                                                  Susanbar Aghamaliyeva

PhD in Philology

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